Dear guests,

Please be informed that hotel at the FEFU campus is located in there consecutive buildings under the numbers 3, 4 and 5. Look through your confirmation letter to find out in what building do you live. 

In the Accommodation column you will see the four-digit number. The first digit is the number of building, and other three is room number. For example if you have 4335 in the column it means that you live in building 4 in the room 335.

Please see the campus map at the bottom of the main page of website, you can see where the buildings are located. If you are coming by shuttle bus from the airport the buildings will be announced in advanced. If you travel by taxi please show the number of the building to the driver.

Free shuttle bus schedule.


Knevichi Airport, Vladivostok – FEFU Campus

15 July
7:40 am
2:30 pm
7:40 pm

16 July
1:20 am

FEFU Campus, Building 4 - Knevichi Airport, Vladivostok

19 July
05:55 am

20 July
7:40 am
9:50 am
10:20 am
11:40 am

Azimut Hotel - Knevichi Airport, Vladivostok

20 July
10:30 am

Lotte Hotel – Knevichi Airport, Vladivostok

10-20 am
12-30 pm

Astoria Hotel – Knevichi Airport, Vladivostok

 10-50 am



Vladivostok city – FEFU campus

17 / 18 / 19 July
Astoria Hotel 7:00 am
Azimut Hotel 7:20 am
Lotte Hotel 7:40 am

FEFU Campus - Vladivostok city to Lotte/Azimut/Astoria hotels

17 July
10:00 pm after Gala dinner

18 / 19 July
6:30 pm


For your convenience in the arrival zone of the airport will be organized a registration desk. It will be available on July 15 (6 am – 9 pm) and July 16 (6 am – 6 pm).  Here you can register for the Forum, and our volunteers will help you with the information about transfer and other details.

If the schedule does not suit your flights please use local taxi services at the official taxi corner or download mobile apps Gett or Yandex.Taxi (same as Uber or Grabb). Mobile apps support English and available for iOS and Android.

Adress of the FEFU campus: pos. Ajax (Russky Island), 1

The average price of а one-way ride from Airport to FEFU Campus is about Rub 1800 (USD30).

From FEFU Campus you can also order a taxi at the reception in your hotel. Payment for the taxi could be done in local currency (rubles) only.