Plenary Session: Internet Governance in Asia Pacific: The State of Play and Outlook

Contact Person

Mr. Leonid Todorov





Stakeholder Groups


Rationale for contributors choice

The set of contributors was chosen upon advice of the MSG and Secretariat with a due account of the regional, stakeholder and gender diversity

Relevance of workshop

The panel session is to be run right after the Opening ceremony thereby setting the scene by providing a high-level overview of the ongoing and prospective challenges and processes in the IG area

Nature of proposal

Main Conference Session

Workshop Title

Internet Governance in Asia Pacific: The State of Play and Outlook


Internet governance

Workshop Format

Workshop Format

Specific Issues of Discussion and Description


  • I. Moderator’s welcome and introduction of panelists                                 
  • Each panelist delivers a 3 min-long statement outlining major developments in the IG area over the year (not to be interrupted by the audience)
  • Interaction between the panelists and the audience to cover possible silos and identifying possible items missing; as well both the panelists and the audience are invited to reflect where Asia Pacific is in terms the  IG process: what has been done right and how did the success become possible (best practices)? Where has the region underperformed and why? What can be done to remedy the situation?                                                                                                                                                                       
  • The outlook: what processes/pehomena in the IG area are envisaged/ should we expect in the short run (1-2 years ahead)? How would they affect the fundamental IG principles and what should be the community’s response to them?                                                                                           
  • The final Qs and As/takeaways round  

Moderator’s wrap-up and acknowledgments

Subject matter tags

#AP Internet governance, #FutureoftheInternet

Expected duration


Expected Speakers

  Full Name Organization Title Country/Economy 
of Residence
Status of
Ms. Natalia Mochu ICANN GSE Manager, Eastern Europe & Central Asia Russia Technnical Confirmed F
Ms. Lianna Galstyan APRALO Vice President Armenia Civil society Confirmed F

James Clement Ah Wai

Unit Trust of Samoa   Samoa Government Confirmed M
Ms. Ananya Singh Fellow   India Civil society Confirmed F
Mr. Eun Chang Choi Yale Law School Information Society Project Former fellow S. Korea Academia Confirmed M
Mr. Aris Ignacio College of Information Technology at Southville International School Dean The Philippines Academia Confirmed M

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