APrIGF 2019 to mark 25th anniversary of TLD .RU


The Asia Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum program in Vladivostok is ready

On July 16-19, 2019, the APrIGF 2019 Asia Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum will take place at Far Eastern Federal University on Russky Island in Vladivostok. The Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ is the host.

Both the main program and the APrIGF youth program, scheduled for July 16, are completely ready. The main theme will be on providing a safer and accessible internet in the Asia-Pacific Region.

APrIGF is among the largest regional forums that brings the internet governance agenda together in the region’s countries. The program is similar to the global IGF held under the auspices of the UN. It offers the widest range of topics related to the development of the internet including security, cryptography, and the building of the information infrastructure as well as human rights, and the development of online education and the digital economy.

The session on the 25th anniversary of .RU and Runet will be an important event at APrIGF 2019. It will also mark another event: the 10th anniversary of the Russian Internet Governance Forum; the participants will discuss the Russian internet governance model. Russian and foreign participants will speak about the development of the internet based on multi-stakeholder principles and with consideration for all parties’ opinions.

Today, youth involvement in internet governance is a trend at many international and local events, and APrIGF 2019 is no exception. The youth forum will bring together students from various countries. They will be able to learn the basic principles of internet governance and take part in business games and workshops as well as sessions in the main program. A youth agenda was developed especially for them.

About 300 experts from 40 countries are expected at the forum. In addition, a videoconference will be offered for those who cannot attend in person. Everyone who joins via videoconference will be able to take part in the events and discussions, ask questions and speak with colleagues. A special invitation link for videoconference participants will be available at the APrIGF 2019 website.

Participation is free, but registration is required.

Details on the program and forum topics are available here.

The APrIGF 2019 Asia Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum has been held since 2010. It provides a discussion platform for regional problems, regional cooperation and exchange, aligning national forum agendas, and ultimately for the development of internet governance in the Asia-Pacific Region.

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