Sergei Maksimchuk, Acting Deputy Governor of Primorye Territory for Informatization, Telecommunications and the Social Sector

Good afternoon, colleagues, forum participants,

On behalf of the Administration of the Primorye Territory, I would like to welcome you to such a large and significant forum for every country in the Asia-Pacific Region. The forum has brought together a wide variety of economies and resources: dynamically developing Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore, the high technology of Japan, Korea, Taiwan and the western United States, natural resources (Australia, Canada, the Philippines and the Russian Far East), human resources (China and Indonesia), and high agricultural productivity (Chile, New Zealand, the Philippines, and the US).

It is obvious that the items to be discussed throughout the forum are key to the development of the economy and civil society, from the small town to the entire Asia-Pacific Region.

In the today’s world, governments in all regions are concerned with human security, the impact of new technologies on society, the protection of human rights on the internet, the consequences of digital economy growth, and at the same time, the accessibility and universality of the internet and taking into account the views of all concerned parties.

The fact that the Primorye Territory Administration appointed a separate Deputy Governor to be responsible for digital transformation speaks for itself. It is very important for the Primorye Territory authorities to become involved as much as possible in the processes of the digital economy, which are happening not only in Russia, but also on an international (transnational) scale.

For our region with its unique climate and ethnic groups, it is very important to apply all the useful things that modern information technologies can provide.

We pay attention to the use and development of internet services ranging from government management processes and interaction with citizens to the promotion of end-to-end technologies in business.

And all this is done to improve the socioeconomic conditions and the demographic situation, and to increase the comfort of living in the Far East, with its vast spaces and low population density.

The Primorye Territory actively participates in the Digital Economy national program and is learning to build a culture of project management and teamwork and to apply the best regional and international practices.

Vladivostok's Far Eastern Federal University has the School of Digital Economy where we will create competence centers in various areas of digital economy.

I am confident that all of us will enjoy amazing sessions and roundtable and panel discussions, the results of which will help us in resolving our immediate problems and tasks. I wish you all productive work at the forum.

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