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Special Media Partner


The information and analytical agency TelecomDaily, created on December 1, 2003, is one of the most popular and quoted in the Russian media. The main activities of the agency are: web-portal, which daily publishes telecoms market news, including articles from our own journalists, best media cites, company news and press-releases; creation of analytical reports on the development of the telecommunications market; organization and holding of public events (press conferences, seminars, round tables, business breakfasts, etc.); conducting research on the quality of Internet access services in Russian cities.

Digital Media Partner


ComNews Group was established in 1998 and now releases online ICT business media (120 000 unique users a month), monthly business magazine «Standard» (10 000 copies) and annual up-to- date reference book of telecom and broadcasting companies in Russia "Digital transformation. Best practices" - first and only reference book in industry, which collects biographies of people who put the greatest impact in development of digital transformation in Russia. Also conducts market research - COMNEWS Research. Organizes the most significant and large conferences in the field of ICT - COMNEWS Conferences. Annually in partnership with leading market participants and government regulators COMNEWS Conferences holds more than 15 conferences and forums, in which take part more than 7000 delegates.

Strategic Media Partners


KP.RU is the leader in the growth of citation in social media (Brand Analytics, 2018) and among top three in the rating of the websites in category «Mass Media and News» in Khabarovsk. It has 750,000 unique visitors per month.


Information agency DEITA.RU occupies a leading position among the Far Eastern media. According to LiveInternet in May 2019 the site of the agency was visited by 5 million people - this is an absolute record among news agencies of the Far East. Information agency DEITA.RU is distinguished by the speed of information submission, reliability of materials and a wide audience coverage. The information of the agency is popular with the public, government officials, entrepreneurs, employees of state and commercial companies.

«Moskovsky komsomolets»

«Moskovsky komsomolets» is the all-Russian socio-political regional weekly edition, founded on December 11, 1919. It publishes organic combination of news and analytical information with educational and entertainment materials. Balanced audience with a high concentration on young and wealthy urban residents in age from 25 to 45 years, managers and professionals.

Media Partners – professional specialized electronic web site, which concentrate the interests of all industry participants from consumers to investors. The functional of the new resource incorporates the elements of the portal, the professional network and directory of data centers in Russia and worldwide. Service AllDC represents the knowledge base in all market segments of data centers: it provides information about both the vendors, distributors, integrators, suppliers and consumers of data center services, and their technologies and services.

China Newsweek

Chinese weekly magazine China Newsweek was founded by the Chinese news service in September 1999 and has been officially published since January 1, 2000. This is an authoritative magazine about modern politics covering the most significant national and world events. The magazine is published throughout China with circulation of 800,000 copies per week and also published in eight foreign languages and printed in Russia, Japan, Republic of Korea and USA. – The first and one of the most visited industry web site, which was launched in 2008. The main focus is on the Russian and western data center market: the largest directory of Russian data centers, the latest industry news, current trends, tips and opinions of industry experts, themed events and photo reports from various data centers and more.


FederalPress Russian News & Information Agency is the largest multiregional media that has a 14 years' history worth providing timely information, analytics, and research in politics and economy to the establishment of Russian regions and the official Moscow. FederalPress is a trademark of Russian regions.


INFOX Medis Group runs three popular internet projects:

  • News site INFOX.RU ( ) - The Winner of Runet- 2009 award in the most prestigious category «State and Society»
  • News aggregator INFOX SMART GALLERY ( ) – the partner of more than 70 highly-visited and influential internet media and thematic sites
  • Video aggregator INFOX.TV ( ) - the resource for various video: entertainment, news, business, educational. – online portal, which included in the network of hosted portals along with Internet resources and These portals are managed by the Publishing House «Региональная ПР- группа». Daily on the published more than 50 news, regularly come out interviews with participants of the IT market, analytical and review materials, descriptions of IT projects.

«Mobile telecommunications»

«Mobile telecommunications» – is a scientific-technical magazine, on which pages analyzed perspectives of mobile connection development, broadband access to Internet, Internet of things, information security, information technologies and billing. Also it describes a status of implementation of 4G networks and development of 5G. The magazine publishes analytical and review articles about IKT- sector.

«Vestnik Sviazy»

The journal «Vestnik Sviazy» provides coverage of the telecommunications situation in Russia and the CIS. Particular emphasis is placed on policies pursued by intergovernmental organizations involved in regulation of telecom operators and suppliers’ activities.


«System Administrator»

«System Administrator» magazine is a key Russian industry publication for IT professionals, published since October 2002, included in the Russian index of scientific citation - The main task of the publication is to popularize the best developments of IT specialists from different countries. 90% of articles in the journal are of an applied nature, they are supplied with examples, tables, graphic material. It is a desktop tool for IT professionals and those who choose to pursue a career in IT.

«BIT. Business & Information Technology»

«BIT. Business & Information Technology» – edition for owners, managers and top- managers of companies, enterprises and organizations of all activities. The subjects of the articles are economics and investments in IT, business on the Internet, analysis and review of corporate solutions, services and business technologies offered by foreign and domestic system integrators and vendors. In addition to the review and analysis articles, the number contains application materials describing the technologies and economic benefits of implementing various IT.


R-SPECTRUM - trade magazine on telecommunications and information technology; RSPECTR.COM - professional web portal on telecommunications, information technology, and mass communications; conferences and workshops; daily mass media monitoring.

"Tikhookeanskaia zvezda"

Social and political newspaper "Tikhookeanskaia zvezda" is the only one daily print edition in the region. It has been issued since 1920 and now distributed on the territory of the Khabarovsk Krai and Jewish Autonomous Region, Irkutsk Oblast and other regions of Russia. Daily circulation of newspaper is more than 14,000 copies. "Tikhookeanskaia zvezda" is the winner and laureate of competitions on different levels - from city and regional to all-Russian.


Prim.News is online media, dedicated to the life of Vladivostok and Primorsky Krai. We are publishing the most interesting news of regional center and other cities and districts of Primorsky Krai.

Vladivostok Daily News

Vladivostok Daily News - international network edition whose mission is to provide prompt, balanced and objective coverage of events in Russia and the countries of Southeast Asia and informing the readership about the different views on the main events in these regions.


The inter-regional magazine FAR EAST CAPITAL published in Vladivostok since May 2000 and distributed in all regions of the Far East. Main topics: trend analytics of development of leading industries in Far East; companies and businessmen; financial institutions and regional problems; business infrastructure and the struggle for influence in the region. The magazine is published monthly with a circulation of 6,200 copies.

Zolotoy Rog

The Far Eastern business newspaper Zolotoy Rog - leader of social and business press in the region. It distributes in Vladivostok, Primorsky Krai and Khabarovskiy Krai. Zolotoy Rog is a multiple winner of various all-Russian press competitions. Main topics: economic life in the region and government activities; social development, business, transport, logistics, external economy, finance, labor market and ecology. The circulation of the newspaper is 9000 copies, number of visitors of web-site is over 90,000 per month. - web portal for professionals and users of Information Technologies. Key areas: the most important events and market trends, experts’ opinions and analytical reviews; the most important information about IT market; information about new products and supplies at warehouses, promotional information. Web portal, where you can found everything about technologies and their implementation at the click of the mouse, place for CIO to exchange opinions and share experience. - place for IT directors to exchange opinions and share experience. There you can find: the content of IT Manager magazine; IT news, effective administrative solutions; experts' comments, indepth industry analysis; subscription to the newsletter; online version of IT Manager magazine. - web portal for IT professionals. Key areas: the most important events and market trends, experts’ opinions and analytical reviews; the most important information about IT market; information about new products and supplies at warehouses, promotional information; subscription to the newsletter; online version of IT News magazine; online weekly bulletin IT Weekly.

Arsenyevskie vesti

Arsenyevskie vesti is one of the first independent editions of the Far East, this year the newspaper will be 27 years old. Arsenyevskie vesti is a human rights edition, which has gone from the usual urban newspaper to the federal media. The newspaper and its journalists were repeatedly awarded the international award named after Andrei Sakharov, as well as the international award named after Gerd Bucerius. is one of the leading information agencies in the Far East. Every day we write about 50 news about life of Amur region, Far East and Russia. More than 90,000 readers visit our site daily. According to liveinternet in May 2019 the average number of views was more than 230,000 daily.

Daily online media (Digital Russia) is the only one informational resource in Russia, totally devoted to state informatization. It specializes on news and analytical materials about IT in public sector, regional and municipal authorities; e-government in the Russian Federation; state policy in informational technologies; advanced Russian and foreign experience of using IT and creation e- governance; Russia’s position in modern IT-world; Internet governance; global and Russian IT market.

Port Amur

Port Amur is one of the leading news agencies in the Far East. The average daily site traffic is 40-60 thousand people. Most of our readers are from Amur region. Big part of the audience live in Khabarovsk Krai, Primorye, Sakhalin, Kamchatka, Transbaikalia and the central part of Russia. Port Amur publishes daily textual, video and photo content. started in 2008 and covers the issues of infocommunication technologies (that's why ICT-Online) on Russian market. The number of visitors is more than 100 thousands per month, number of subscribers who receives everyday maillist is over 2 thousands. The basic sections of ICT- are News, Interviews, Analytics and Projects. Everyday we publish several dozens of articles. is the unique aggregator that collects IT&Telecom, gadgets and related events: CIO, public services and legislation, electronic document management, fintech, venture, startups, blockchain etc. We cover all kind of events - from huge international conferences to webinars on specific themes.

Primorskaya Gazeta

Primorskaya Gazeta is a social and political edition, among ten most quoted media outlets in the region according to Medialogia. Each issue highlights the most visible political, economic, social, sports and cultural events of the region. The distribution of Primorskaya Gazeta covers the whole region, including Vladivostok, Artyom, Ussuriysk, Nakhodka, Spassk-Dalniy and other cities. developed together with the providers, perhaps, it became a center of crystallization, around which the future industry created. Soon it transformed from information delivery to more material things – advices, integration, help in implementation of new decisions. Then started to propose not only “advices”, but also telecommunication equipment. In 2003 an internet-shop appeared. Competent pricing policy, all- Russian fame and long-term trust of operators’ community allowed to build an unique model of direct internet-sales in Russia and CIS.


Vostok.Today - independent news media resource covering topical news and events of the Far East and Transbaikalia. Vostok.Today - it's only news, nothing else..

Molodoy dal'nevostochnik XXI vek

The weekly edition Molodoy dal'nevostochnik XXI vek informs residents of the Khabarovsk Krai and neighboring regions about the socio-economic potential of the territory, the most important socio-political issues and cultural events.

Vesti: Primorye

Web site "Vesti: Primorye" was created in 2003 and now it is the most visited Internet resource among all of the regional affiliations of VGTRK. The website takes a leading position among Far Eastern Internet media.